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Our SyncorePlus parallel evaporation instrument comes in two configurations; the SyncorePlus Analyst “Pre-Analytical” and the SyncorePlus Polyvap “Throughput”.

Analyst: specially designed to evaporate samples to a specified volume as a pre-analytical step. Polyvap: explicitly created with increased sample throughput in mind.

Start and walk away

SyncorePlus is fully automated and easy to use, allowing you to proceed with other tasks while it gets on with the job at hand.
Process automation ensures the highest analytical precision and safety standards.

Gentle evaporation condition

Perform a fast and gentle evaporation process with vacuum-vortex evaporation that ensures the protection of volatile and heat-sensitive analytes, even when using high boiling point solvents such as water, DMSO, or DMF.
Decreasing pressure to reduce the boiling point improves energy efficiency.

Safe and environmental friendly

Our sophisticated condenser system and highly efficient peripheral instruments ensure the safety of users and the environment.
The secondary condenser prevents vapor from leaking into the atmosphere.

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