HypoThermosol® FRS Preservation Solution H4416-100ML

HypoThermosol® FRS Preservation Solution H4416-100ML



HypoThermosol® FRS Preservation Solution

hypothermic preservation medium
Number code: H4416-100ML

HypoThermosol® FRS Preservation Solution H4416-100ML Brand: SigmaAldrich



HypoThermosol is an optimized hypothermic (2-8°C) preservation media that enables improved and extended preservation of cells, tissues and organs. HypoThermosol-FRS is uniquely formulated to address the molecular-biological response of cells during the hypothermic preservation process.

HypoThermosol-FRS includes key ions at concentrations that balance the intracellular state at hypothermic temperatures. Additional components include pH buffers, energy substrates, free radical scavengers, and osmotic/oncotic stabilizers.

Preparation Note

Usage and Preservation Protocol

  • Wipe down outside of container with 70% ethanol before opening.
  • Contents are sterile. If seal has been broken, do not use and contact BioLife Solutions.
  • HypoThermosol FRS is ready to use. Simply replace culture medium with chilled (<10°C) HypoThermosol FRS and maintain at 2-8°C.
  • At the end of the cold storage period, simply remove samples from the cold, decant the cold HypoThermosol FRS and replace with warm (20-37°C) culture medium of choice.

HypoThermosol FRS is not designed as a cell culture medium and should not be used above 15°C or warmed to 37°C

Legal Information

HypoThermosol is a registered trademark of BioLife Solutions, Inc.

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