Chất hấp thụ XAD-2, kích thước hạt 20 – 60 mesh, Sigmaaldrich


Chất hấp thụ XAD-2, kích thước hạt 20 – 60 mesh, Sigmaaldrich

AMBERLITE® XAD®-2 được dùng làm chất hấp thụ để lấy mẫu các khí trong quan trắc và phân tích môi trường.

10357 Supelco

Amberlite® XAD®-2

pkg of 500 g


Related Categories Adsorbent Media (Polymeric)Adsorbents (Resins)AmberliteAmberlite & AmberchromAnalytical/Chromatography,

Quality Level 100
form beads (small)
packaging pkg of 500 g
application(s) HPLC: suitable
LPLC: suitable
matrix styrene-divinylbenzene (macroreticular)
particle size 20-60 mesh


General description

Amberlite XAD-2, a hydrophobic copolymer of styrene-divinylbenzene resin, requires longer purification process and is used as a sorbent. Amberlite XAD-2 resin depending upon the aromaticity and size of the hydrophobic groups sorbs organic compounds through low-energy physical interactions.[1]

Nonionic macroreticular resin that adsorbs and releases ionic species through hydrophobic and polar interactions; usually used under isocratic conditions.


Amberlite® XAD®-2 was used:
• as adsorbent in the extraction of organochlorine compounds using Soxhlat extraction technique[1]
• as adsorbent in the extraction of honey samples using column chromatography for HPLC analysis[2]
• in adsorption chromatography[3]

Polyaromatic adsorbent resin for hydrophobic compounds up to MW 20,000: phenols, organic removal, surfactants, aroma compounds, antibiotic recovery. May be used as support for catalyst or metals removal. For cleaned US EPA versions, see Supelpak-2 and Supelpak-2B.


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